• Matty Panagopoulos

What Can a Virtual Travel Assistant Do For Me?

If you run a business and find that a lot of your time gets taken up with admin tasks or organising your calendar and travel, you might consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help.

A VA is a qualified professional who can often complete tasks much faster than you would be able to, saving you valuable time to focus on your business.

What travel tasks can a VA help with?

  • Booking flights

  • Rescheduling / cancelling flights

  • Web check-ins

  • Booking hotels

  • Getting the best deals on flights and hotels

  • Planning and documenting your itinerary

  • Currency exchange

  • Answering phone calls while you are away

  • Email management

  • Scheduling business meetings

  • Arranging for taxis and ride-sharing services

  • Organising travel insurance

  • Sending timely travel plan reminders

  • Planning, managing and reconciling a travel budget

Why should you consider hiring a VA?

Save Time

A VA can be a game changer for you and your business, especially when you’re a small business owner - time really is money. If you’re spending hours supporting your business instead of growing it, it’s never going to take off or grow. Hiring a VA allows you to use valuable time to focus on actually building your company.

Booking flights, arranging accommodation, and keeping track of all the receipts/invoices is a time-consuming prospect. A VA can take care of it all. Simply give them the dates, places you want to visit, and then let them plan an itinerary for you.

Your VA can also manage all your bookings for you. If you brief your VA on your preferences, they are able to find the best possible deal for flights and hotels. Whether you prefer a sea-view room or an indoor swimming pool, your VA will ensure your needs are met.

Assistance Throughout Travel

Travel can become strenuous when there are so many variables to manage. With someone managing your travel the entire way, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of and enjoy your trip.

Another main advantage of hiring a VA to support you remotely is that any unexpected changes to your schedule can be accommodated easily without stress to yourself. So if there’s a sudden development or change in your travel plans, you have absolutely no reason to worry. Just contact your VA to sort.

Should anything go wrong whilst you are travelling your VA can offer vital support such as providing you with an ID proof digitally.

Reduce Expenses and Business Support

Hiring a full-time or part-time employee would mean that you need to give them their own space in your office, a computer and other equipment to do the job. The costs associated with this can be expensive and are not ideal if you work from home or have limited office space. Whereas hiring a VA has none of the costs needed to set up an employee and you don’t have to organise for them to have space in your office. They work remotely with their own equipment and also don’t require holiday or sick pay.

Even when you’re travelling, business doesn’t stop. A VA can keep track of any phone calls and emails you receive while you’re away. They can also respond to important messages and schedule meetings for you meaning that when you’re back to work, you’ll be up-to-date and can resume business as usual.

Whether it is booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, or planning an itinerary, your VA will organise everything efficiently for you, without the costs of hiring employees.

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