• Matty Panagopoulos

The Earth Emergency

As the protests in the capital by the “Extinction Rebellion” draw to a close, we at Go2Va reflect on their messages with great admiration and a sense of duty. Not only are we committed to virtual assistance as way of making businesses more successful - we also want to further the benefits between remote work and the environment.

The Extinction Rebellion and activists across the globe are calling on governments to build a culture of conservation and reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030. Many palaeontologists and activists believe that the Earth is in an emergency, and the sixth mass extinction is already well underway; a catastrophe for the biodiversity of the plan upon which we rely.

Having grown up in South Africa myself for a large part of my life, I can appreciate the beautiful bio-diversity that can be found on our planet, and the great losses we are causing to these environments by our slow reaction to the Climate Change problem. At Go2VA, we believe strongly in the message that the activists are trying to send; the leaders of our country, and countries around the globe must recognise this emergency and support cultures of conservation in order to reduce our damage to the climate.

At Go2VA, we have begun taking action as a business, and have recently installed a smart energy meter in our business address to help us be more aware of the energy we’re consuming and how we can act to reduce it.

We also work with our great team of clients, opening the possibilities for more online solutions to their CRM, Financing and team collaboration issues that face their businesses. By moving these important business functions to the internet, we can reduce paper usage and other excess consumption such as printing, photocopying etc. whilst also delivering the great efficiencies to the business we all know the internet can bring.

Go2VA can help your business look for and implement smarter technology in your business, along with those things already mentioned above, we have also helped clients with all of these steps in supporting our environment:

  • Eliminating fax machines and swapping to E-Mail and Instant Messaging

  • Introducing Online Vault Apps to share contracts with clients with paperless signatures

  • Installing Smart Lighting and Water Meters into registered addresses

According to studies conducted by The Carbon Trust, virtual working has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 3 million tonnes a year. Whilst also recognising all of the other benefits of virtual working, such as flexibility, access to support globally and lower costs for your business; hiring a Go2VA virtual assistant can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Within the next 10 years, we are going to see only more evidence of climate change and how it impacts our environment, and these will bring driving forces to reduce our carbon wastage and slow these effects on our world. We found this great infographic which highlights the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, both commercially and for the environment.

How hiring a Virtual Assistant can help combat climate change


We feel that there is still a long way to go in reducing our carbon emissions, and support the peaceful campaigns around the globe in raising our awareness to these important issues. We feel that there is a lot more the government can be doing, to support businesses of all sizes in reducing their carbon footprint; from grants towards accessible paperless business solutions and tax reliefs on the latest environment friendly office and commercial equipments.

By joining together as business owners, I believe we can begin to make a difference in the time we need to make it the most.

I invite you to join me in sharing your thoughts about this “Earth Emergency”, with what businesses and governments can do to help combat the climate change problem we’re faced with today.