• Matty Panagopoulos

How can Diary Management Services Benefit your Business?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide much-needed support for business owners who find that as their business is growing and becoming more successful, they are spending too much time focused on admin and diary management. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of your diary and to know when and where you’re expected to be, ready and prepped as well as even schedule in holiday and a personal life!

What is Diary Management?

As a VA, we ensure that our clients’ diaries are always managed, even when a meeting is cancelled or is moved at the last minute. From researching what time you need to leave, organising meeting specifics like dial-in details, a meeting room, catering, security clearance etc, to booking the best travel options and finding suitable accommodation - you can delegate all your arrangements to a VA.

A VA can also support you while you’re abroad as we are used to working across different time zones to make sure everything is still progressing.

Moreover, a VA can manage all your needs remotely so they can just get on with the job out of the way with minimal fuss or need for precious time. A VA can work in a client's office if preferred, however, we personally understand for many businesses, space is at a premium. The costs with allocating space can be expensive should a part-time employee be hired and can also not be ideal if you work from home, so it can be a win-win.

What are the benefits of letting a VA manage your time and diary?

1. Advanced planning

Your schedule and time management should greatly improve if you have a VA helping and managing the organisation of your diary. A VA can also collate paperwork, information and a meeting agenda that may be needed and circulate it to the required individuals in preparation for the meeting; and then follow up the meeting with any thank you emails or arrange another meeting on your behalf, taking all the hassle away from you. A VA can arrange your diary as far in advance as the information you give them allows for, keeping you updated with any changes or specifics.

2. Seamless updates

As a business owner the stress of meetings being cancelled or moved and rearranged can take up a lot of time but is unavoidable and something you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s also the kind of situation that a VA is experienced at handling. They can rearrange meetings, cancel reservations and then rebook them efficiently. What’s more, they will keep you firmly in the loop with email, text and telephone updates while you focus on keeping your business running. This organisation is essential when it comes to keeping your business competitive and efficient.

3. Streamlined Diaries

One of the best aspects of getting a VA to manage your diary is increased efficiency. By this, we mean cutting out and minimising travel or wasted time. The result will be that you have more time to work, network and take care of your clients.

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