• Matty Panagopoulos

Go2VA is One Year Old!

May is a big month for us here at Go2VA, as we celebrate being one year old, owner and Virtual Assistant Matty reflects on one year in business and how much things have changed for her and the organisation.

As you can read in our previous blog post here, Matty has almost two decades of business administration experience, having been a personal assistant herself until just last year. Being a personal assistant to a director who was rarely in the same country, let alone the same office as herself, Matty realised the inefficiency of the traditional personal assistant for the modern business. If most communication is done via email and calls anyway, why should a business pay for the overheads and all of the other costs associated with a PAYE employee.

Here was born the idea: become the premier Virtual Assistant company in Salisbury, Wiltshire and the UK, adding the personal back into a virtual personal assistant.

Since its inception, Go2Va has gone from strength to strength, not only supplying premier virtual assistants to companies in the Salisbury & Wiltshire area; but also having regular clients in the London, Manchester and Hampshire areas. Matty says that the first year in business has been “even better than she could have dreamed”, and extends her gratitude for all of her clients for their continued support.

Over the past twelve months, Go2Va have enjoyed working with companies in a wide array of sectors, and have had the opportunity to make a difference to many different organisations. There have been many reviews of Matty’s services, a selection of which you can see below; but they all have one thing in common- we are highly recommended!

“…She is quick and easy to work with, readily available and reliable. We would highly recommend her.”- Sadie Wigglesworth, Hatfits

“I have no hesitation in recommending Go2VA. The combination of their experience and professional culture enables them to be highly effective…” - George, Skysports Rigging

“…Matty maintains a high standard of honesty, integrity and confidentiality that you rightly expect. I am very happy with the Go2VA service and would highly recommend it!” - Grace White, Grace Lounge

Virtual Assistant organises conference in London, UK
Matty recently coordinating a conference for a client in London.

Before looking to the year ahead, Matty has shared with us some reflections of her own on the year gone by. She said; “Just like any business owner, I was apprehensive to start Go2VA and take the ‘plunge’; but I can honestly say since I did - I haven’t looked back! As an individual, I have grown immensely within myself, and I have my wonderful clients to thank for their continued support and allowing me the opportunity to develop these new skills.”

Looking to the year ahead, Go 2 Virtual Assistants will continue to provide Virtual Assistants to all existing clients in a modern, efficient and professional manner; working hard to make everybody's businesses better. Go2VA continue to be the premier Virtual Assistant company in Wiltshire, working in a range of sectors from Aviation, Motor Sport and Medical. We continue to provide unrivalled support to Wiltshire, Hampshire and London based firms and can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store.

Please join us in celebrating our first year in business, and if you think that a Virtual Assistant who only charges for the time they’re making a difference on your business, then get in touch today and make our second birthday party even bigger!