We help make your business run smoothly and more efficiently by providing support when and where you need it. 

Outsource tasks to us that will allow you to free up your time to concentrate on what you do best, as well as maximise your time and business potential.


We offer administrative support via dedicated assistants for your tasks, as well as assistance from our business associates for specific requests. This allows you and your business to optimise productivity, simplify communication and delegation to maximise your business potential.


Working with small/medium size businesses and entrepreneurs, we work on a self-employed basis, keeping your costs down and efficiency up. No tax, no PAYE, no holiday, no sick pay – just streamlined support with no obligation.



About Go2VA


With 15 years working as a personal assistant to directors, Matty Panagopoulos set up Go2VA to provide superior business support services to any business and individuals.


Gone are the days where there is a need to have costly meetings or add headcount to a company. Without travel and employment costs we can save clients time, money and not to mention reducing the day-to-day stress of having to cover the many bases of running a business by yourself or with a small team.


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We pride ourselves on our values of being Professional, Reliable & Honest.



Hi, I’m Matty, and I own and run Go 2 Virtual Assistants. I’m an adaptable and passionate individual with extensive business and administration experience. 


Having been a Personal Assistant to directors and business heads for four companies since 2011, I have in-depth knowledge in administration and business support gained from my 15 years working in quick moving and professional environments.


With expertise in general administration, accounts and customer relations, the primary objective of starting my virtual business is to save clients time and money. Diversification of tasks and challenges excite me - I relish the opportunity to assist in the success of a company.


I know that outsourcing offers greater flexibility, plus the opportunity to provide support via a network of trusted associates that handle specialist work like social media management, marketing and design.


I'd love to see if we can help you and your business grow by taking on tasks that will help you. 

Business Woman